Hypnosis and Procrastination

A lot of people procrastinate. It is natural to want to put off any stressors for as long as possible until you have to confront them head-on. But what most people don’t rationalize is that procrastination is a form of psychological self-sabotage, and not even in the way you think!

Most people assume procrastination is just shifting the stress around; that the time spent procrastinating is pure bliss until you pay for it all with an overload of work later on. But anyone who has procrastinated knows that even when they’re procrastinating they’re stressing over what they need to get done. It’s not all wine and roses until the moment of reckoning — procrastination keeps us constantly anxious whether we’re doing the work we need to do or not.

Hypnosis is especially effective for procrastination because we’re dealing with a pattern of thinking. I’m able to access your negative thinking patterns that cause the anxiety and self-doubt that lead to procrastination. Come in to my NYC hypnosis office today and we’ll get you to work as soon as possible.

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