Hypnosis and Insomnia – Get the Sleep You Need

A woman with insomniaIt’s 3am, and though you got bed five hours ago you have to be up in four, and you’ve spent the entire evening tossing and turning.

Tangled in your sheets, you try everything; counting sheep, reading, late night TV, even a little Sudoku, and though you have managed to memorize every catch phrase and theme song of all the late night infomercials, you still have yet to achieve your actual goal- SLEEP.  You watch the sunrise and count the minutes ’till your departure for work, eventually leaving with raccoon circles and bags under your eyes, chugging coffee, after energy drink, after coffee. You struggle to function and focus throughout the day, only to end up back in bed- again wide awake- only to repeat this cycle again. If this sounds like you, you are probably suffering from insomnia. Well suffer no more, because I have the answer for you- Hypnosis!

Insomnia is a condition categorized by disturbed sleep. Specifically, it is a sleep disorder that prevents a person from either falling asleep or remaining asleep for the desired amount of time. This is typically followed by functional impairment when awake.

Insomnia can occur at any age, however, getting older makes one more susceptible to developing medical conditions that interfere with your sleep. Causes of insomnia are linked to anxiety, changes in your pre bedtime rituals, your work and travel schedule, your sleep environment, your diet, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol consumption, what food you eat before bed, the medications you take, and changes in body chemistry due to aging.

Though short term effects are irritating, long term effects are detrimental to one’s heath, as a lack of sleep makes the brain and body vulnerable to more serious complications such as memory loss and confusion, depression, irritability, an increased risk of heart disease.

Though the condition itself isn’t necessarily life threatening, the repercussions of complications created during mandatory conscious hours can be deadly. Sleepiness leaves you more vulnerable to accidents, and they can range from the minor, like forgetting to send an email or what time your lunch meeting was, to the major, such as a lethal car accident.

Hypnosis is an excellent and effective form of alternative treatment for defeating insomnia. It targets the core of the issue, allowing you to release you inhibitions and completely relax. It reprograms the thought process so that the mind is able to shut down, thus allowing the body to enter into a deep and restful sleep, naturally.

Treatment offered at Gluck Solutions will help you to escape this vicious cycle of frustratingly weary days and sleepless nights.

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