Hypnosis To Treat Insomnia

a woman unable to sleepI have a client who came to me because she couldn’t get to sleep. She worked as a lawyer in Manhattan and every night, she tossed and turned, and would end up being dead tired at work.

Her performance at work was suffering, and she began snapping at her husband and children.

Almost all her problems – both personal and professional – were able to be traced back to her lack of sleep. She tried lots of methods like sleeping pills, meditation, and even reading Leo Tolstoy before she went to bed. Unfortunately, she finished the whole book because even that didn’t put her to sleep!

She finally was at her wit’s end, and went to me for hypnosis.

We discovered that she had a mini panic attack every time she tried to fall asleep because for her it felt like she was losing control. Although the tight grip she’s kept on her life has led her to great professional success, it was keeping her up at night.

I recalibrated the habitual thought process she’d go through when in bed, and thus changed the way she emotionally processed sleep. After hypnosis, sleep was the most comfortable part of the day, and nothing to fear.

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