Dating Problems? Hypnosis and Life Coaching Can Help

The issue of dating is the perfect embodiment of what I have to offer my clients because it requires equal part hypnosis and life-coaching.

Let’s start with hypnosis. A lot of problems that emerge during the quest for a mate involve anxiety, low self-esteem/low confidence, and bad memories. These are mainly psychological issues that lead to behavioral problems — poor communication during dates, awkwardness, poor sexual performance and more.

Hypnosis breaks through these psychological issues and uses the science of neuroplasticity to change the way the brain processes information.

The life-coaching aspect, something that no one else in the country mixes to the successful degree that I do, involves practical advice on what you do on dates, what you wear, what you talk about, how you present yourself, etc.

I even have thousands of people I know, several of whom I can hook you up with using my matchmaking skills. Any successful treatment, in my opinion, should require equal part clinical treatment and pragmatic advice. No problem is purely psychological, nor is it purely logistical – it’s a blend of the two, and so too should your treatment be. Call my office at 212-599-3195.

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