Hypnosis To Treat Insomnia

a woman unable to sleepI have a client who came to me because she couldn’t get to sleep. She worked as a lawyer in Manhattan and every night, she tossed and turned, and would end up being dead tired at work.

Her performance at work was suffering, and she began snapping at her husband and children.

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Hypnosis for Insomnia

I’d like you all to read the article below about a woman who suffered her whole life from insomnia. She had tried sleeping pills, but felt “like a zombie” after taking them.

Finally, at her wit’s end, she did the most sensible thing you can do: she tied hypnosis. Along with yoga, she started feeling natural compulsions to sleep (which she described as “wonderful”) with hypnosis.

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Insomnia is a pandemic problem with ruthless consequences. Don’t become a drug addict, and definitely don’t accept a life of sleeplessness. Get to my office today!

Restless Leg Syndrome Hypnosis

One of the most interesting sleeping disorders there is restless legs syndrome. The urge to move occurs when you’re resting or lying down and is usually due to uncomfortable, tingly, aching, or creeping sensations.

The brutal thing about this disease is that in trying to comfort your legs by moving them, you often irritate the discomfort. Stemming from a slew of factors including iron deficiency, medication side effects, and neuropathy, RLS is an insufferable problem whose victims demand a quick fix.

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Hypnosis and Insomnia – Get the Sleep You Need

A woman with insomniaIt’s 3am, and though you got bed five hours ago you have to be up in four, and you’ve spent the entire evening tossing and turning.

Tangled in your sheets, you try everything; counting sheep, reading, late night TV, even a little Sudoku, and though you have managed to memorize every catch phrase and theme song of all the late night infomercials, you still have yet to achieve your actual goal- SLEEP.  You watch the sunrise and count the minutes ’till your departure for work, eventually leaving with raccoon circles and bags under your eyes, chugging coffee, after energy drink, after coffee. You struggle to function and focus throughout the day, only to end up back in bed- again wide awake- only to repeat this cycle again. If this sounds like you, you are probably suffering from insomnia. Well suffer no more, because I have the answer for you- Hypnosis!

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Hypnosis for Sleep Disorders

a woman unable to sleepDid you know that the Center for Disease Control recognizes insufficient sleep to be a public health epidemic?

We all know drunk driving is a hazard to not only the driver but to anyone else on the road but what about drowsy driving? It’s responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 non-fatal accidents every year in the USA alone!

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