Can Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder?

A woman suffering from seasonal affective disorder - winter depression

It’s cold, windy, dark at 4 in the afternoon, and though the gym is only a 15 minute commute, you would rather stay curled up in your warm bed, stuffing your face with takeout or rich holiday leftovers.

When you do decide you are ready to leave the house, you realize the only thing you feel most comfortable in are oversized sweaters and stretch pants and such a realization only makes you want to crawl back into bed to continue eating and watching your Breaking Bad marathon on Netflix.

This negative hibernation cycle can only mean one thing- it’s winter.

Typically, you are a bubbly, outgoing, giddy person. Not only are you a joy to be around but you love being a social butterfly as well. Though never considered a depressed person before, for some reason winter triggers unusual and unexpected bouts of depression in you. No matter how much you attempt to indulge and treat yourself in hopes of experiencing some sense of even temporary euphoria, you can’t shake the blues and just aren’t feeling like you usual perky self. In a nutshell, you are inexplicably sad.

Why is Winter the best season to come to Gluck Solutions for clinical hypnosis and life coaching?

Did you know that SAD actually stands for something called Seasonal Affective Disorder? Well do not fret- this is a common experience for most people in winter, especially those living in particularly chilly climates. It’s an actual mental condition in which a person develops symptoms of depression, simply triggered by the onset of winter.

At Gluck Solutions, we offer a unique form of alternative therapy, with a combination of Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis, your SAD- or Seasonal Affective Disorder- will be a thing of the past.

Feel great year round, and book an appointment today! 212-599-3195.

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