Curing SAD Through Clinical Hypnosis

A sad womanSeasonal Affective Disorder (aka SAD) is a sickness that I expect to be treating in these next months. The symptoms are straightforward but heavy. They include sudden melancholy accompanied by alienation that occurs simultaneously with the change in season. It happens most commonly to people in the Northeast.

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Hypnosis And Seasonal Affective Disorder

My name is Dr. Errol Gluck. I’m an executive life coach and clinical hypnotist practicing right here in the New York City area for over thirty six years. Have well over 100,000 clinical hours and I want to tell you about something that people are suffering today. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It comes especially in this brutal winter from a lack of sunshine and from constant colds.

Now outside of pragmatically taking more vitamin D, hypnosis can and does affect the way the brain interprets what is happening with this lack of sun and this coldness.

You can change the brain, you can change the way it thinks, and you can actually seriously adjust this particular problem that New Yorkers face. I can shorten the winter for you.

To learn more about how hypnosis can help you call Dr. Gluck at (212) 599-3195.

Can Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder?

A woman suffering from seasonal affective disorder - winter depression

It’s cold, windy, dark at 4 in the afternoon, and though the gym is only a 15 minute commute, you would rather stay curled up in your warm bed, stuffing your face with takeout or rich holiday leftovers.

When you do decide you are ready to leave the house, you realize the only thing you feel most comfortable in are oversized sweaters and stretch pants and such a realization only makes you want to crawl back into bed to continue eating and watching your Breaking Bad marathon on Netflix.

This negative hibernation cycle can only mean one thing- it’s winter.

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