Being a Good Parent With the Help of Hypnosis

Recently on Gluck Radio we interviewed Kaitlin Bell Barnett, author of DOSED: THE MEDICATION GENERATION GROWS UP. Listen to the interview….

What hazards do popular, over-prescribed medication – “smart drugs” such as Adderall, for instance, or “happy pills” like Wellbutrin – pose on children? What natural mechanisms for survival and self-improvement – for growing up – stay underdeveloped when these skills are stunted by prescription drugs? Are the losses retrievable?

I want to put some pressure on parents. The pressure is on to be patient. Let your children bloom, early or late. Give them time, not tablets. (That might apply for Apple tablets, too.)

If you’re reading this, if you’re even remotely interested in my work, then I can bet you have the sophistication to refine the methods of parenting. Children are not pets, robots, incapable of deep understanding. If the toughest, smartest, strongest willed adults can harbor be shaped by unjust experiences, what more a child? All children are sensitive and impressionable. They will become adults, just like you and me.

Professionally, I’m here to help. I have experience in coaching both children and their families, separately or together. Hypnosis can serve as a supplement to psychiatric or physical therapy.  Do you want to be a good parent? Call me at (212) 599-3195 for a consultation.

Helicopter Parenting

There was this great video on Fox Business the other day about helicopter parenting. Helicopter parenting, for those who don’t know, is the intrusive parenting technique that stifles a child’s self-reliance.

With the baby boomers, it has become a widespread problem full of clichés. As many of you might know, I offer life coaching to new parents. Perhaps no demographic is more nervous than new parents: will we mess up our child? Will the child love us? How will we keep our sanity through all those sleepless nights?

I will assuage all those fears, and instill both the confidence and the skill that is required for successful parenting. And trust me, you won’t be helicopter parents under my watch. What makes you great parents starts out by identifying what makes you great people. Give my office a call.

Watch the video about helicopter parenting here…

Parenting Skills and Life Coaching

A child with his parentsI’ve been in business as a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist for over 35 years, and I’ve worked with all walks of life. From top CEOs of fortune five hundred companies to the struggling artist that supplements their income by waiting tables. My patients have run the gamut in terms of professional status.

Despite their differing career paths, I’ve noticed one common thread- it is unanimously agreed across the board that parenting is truly the most challenging and complex job on Earth.

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Can Hypnosis Make You a Better Parent?

Are you a new parent? If so, chances are you’re terrified. You’re probably asking yourself, “Am I ready to be a parent?” “Am I doing this right?” “Since childhoods are so important in forming a person, must I walk around on eggshells around my child?” or, “How do I juggle my job with my parenting?”

If you’re asking these important questions and you’re sincerely concerned about the most important job you’ll ever have, then it is time to quiet your mind with hypnosis.

The Gluck Solutions Parenting Program deals with all the stresses that accompany parenting. There are the issues that hypnosis can treat: anxiety, sleeping issues, stress, etc. Then there are the issues that life coaching can treat: relationship counseling during this turbulent time, money issues, and how to manage a growing family.

There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. There are so many things to consider as a parent that you inevitably WILL make mistakes and miss things. All parents do. There is no need to worry about that — there are tons of roadblocks.

What you do need to worry about are the following:

  • Your health in body and mind,
  • Your well-being, and
  • Your child’s well-being.

In order to accomplish these things, you need an outside eye to give you some crucial perspective in order to make the early years of parent the absolute joy they should be.

Call my office, and be the best parent you can be!