Dr. Gluck On Life Coach Apps: A Critical Review

I just learned of a life coaching app for the iPhone called SuperBetter. A patient of mine made a joke that he should just use SuperBetter because “99 cents is a lot less than what you charge.” After a good laugh, this app piqued my interest and I asked him to show it to me. As I was scrolling through it, I told my patient that he overpaid for it.

Truth is, I wouldn’t want to pay a dime for something as stupid as that.  And yet millions of people are using this app, thinking that they’re actually getting somewhere with their lives. I wouldn’t want to entrust my life development to some entrepreneurial tech developer in California who read a self-help book and saw dollar signs. Instead, I’d want to entrust my life development to someone who believes in the old-fashioned notions of interaction, face-to-face contact, customized treatment, and powerful results.

Ask yourself if that app can refer you over to powerful people in all sorts of professional arenas. Ask yourself if that app knows answers of all types of questions ranging from fashion to finance to sexuality. Ask yourself if that app is really making you happy.

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