Hypnosis To Get You Through Holiday Stress

In my 37 years as a Clinical Hypnotist, I noticed that one thing hasn’t changed: New Yorkers have a deep-seated love-hate relationship with the winter holidays. Amid the lights and presents and feasts and parties, no other time is simultaneously riddled with high anxiety and depression. The relapse of addictions is also common. It is still a mystery why, of all periods in the year, the break-up rate is highest around Christmas.

Hypnosis could be a great gift for yourself (or perhaps another), if you know all too well the kinds of crises I am talking about. Most clients see me for relationship counseling: I am available to coach families and couples. If you are a single adults, I strongly encourage you to consider hypnosis for improving self-confidence and dating skills – this is probably the worst time of the year to stick it out on your own!

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give my NYC office a call at (212) 599-3195. We are located at 420 Lexington Avenue Suite 1712, New York, NY 10170

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