Holiday Dieting Tips: Can You Lose Weight During the Holidays?

body weight scaleWe came across this article to make sure you are prepped and ready for the holiday season! We all know that this is the time of year when everyone gains those pesky extra pounds.

I thought these tips were useful for preparing for the “food season” and rather than focusing on the weight you’ve already gained…

“Dr. Wayne Andersen founder of Take Shape For Life ( has provided the following five tips to outline the simple actions we can take to encourage great weight loss before the holidays.
5 Actions for a pre-holiday weight loss.

1) Do not over exercise. If you haven’t been exercising, don’t start it now! If you have been exercising then drop your weights to half your normal amount and don’t exceed 20 minutes / day for the first 3 weeks. No huffing, puffing or sweating during this time period.
2) Eat a healthy breakfast within the first hour of waking up. Be sure it includes nutrients such as foliate, iron, vitamins and fiber. Foods like low-fat yogurt, low-fat waffles or oatmeal like Medifast Apple Cinnamon, are your best bet.
3) Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. This will help the body to better detoxify, protect and moisturize joints, kick start metabolism and absorb nutrients among other benefits.
4) Keep a food journal. This will help to create a conscious awareness of food intake and eating patterns.
5) Find a weight loss buddy or a health coach. This support system will provide the right motivation to keep you on track and the encouragement needed to succeed.”

You can find the entire article here…

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your January rather than lamenting about weight you gained from too many Toll House Cookies! Maybe this will finally be the year that “joining a gym” is NOT a resolution!

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