Being Satisfied with Not Knowing

There is a French phrase, and it goes “Je ne sais quoi.” Roughly, it translates into, “I don’t know what,” or, more simply, “I don’t know.” Sometimes there’s nothing better than admitting to yourself that you just don’t know. However there is so much pressure to have the answer.

From grade school to the boardroom, from political opinions to parenting, we are made to feel that not knowing is something to be ashamed of. So when I see on a Client Intake Form the phrase “I don’t know” written down as an answer for “What is your primary reason attending a session?” I’m satisfied.

Why? Because it means that the patient is not deceiving him/herself as to why they’re coming. Oftentimes, we are so quick to find a label for our problems that we rush past other facets of the issue or even the solution. First off, you know my famous motto “Labels are for soup cans.” But the point I’m making here is that that impulse to impulse to name something might skip over some important information you need to know about yourself. Sometimes “I don’t know” is the best first step.

Keep in mind, if you are a chronic smoker looking to start hypnosis, I’m not suggesting that you slowly self-analyze until you open up a whole slew of problems, no matter how trite. But if you are confused, don’t feel the need to push that confusion aside.

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