How a Life Coach Can Improve Your Job Interview Skills

One of the responsibilities of a life coach is professional preparation. So much of our lives involve our professional work, so that means that one of the things I’m helping with you with is either getting a job, changing careers, or developing your current job status.

This means that after we have an outstanding resume for you, we will start to work on your job interview skills.

Interviewing is often the most nerve-wracking part of finding a job. It’s a lot like dating. Performance anxiety and self-consciousness creep up and before you know it you’re giving all your power away and not representing yourself as a formidable employment option.

I will reconfigure your thinking patterns — hypnosis can be used for this — and get you to a place where you see interviewing as two people connecting, as opposed to a judge/defendant dynamic that so many people think it is.

If you have good chemistry, if you bond well and give off good energy, then you will have no problem. It also helps if you know someone (and I’m good for that too! I have thousands of connections and what’s mine is yours.)

When we sit down we’ll work on professional demeanor, attire, handshake and physical comportment, how to answer difficult questions, how honest you should be, what questions you should ask, and how to appropriately follow-up. I conduct mock interviews for all my clients, and together we assess the experience afterwards.

Call my office and we’ll get you that job in no time.

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