Hypnosis for Fear of Insects

A woman with a fear of insectsMost people would claim to have a fear of insects and “creepy crawly” things.  As children we may have witnessed our mother’s shriek at the site of a roach or watch our fathers jump and squirm as a silverfish crawls from the drain, and witnessing these tiny creepy crawlers momentarily break the poise of our giant authoritative figures may stick with us in adulthood.

Perhaps in youth, you had your own nasty encounter with a wasp’s nest or stumbled into a giant ant pile- regardless a fear of insects is not only common, it’s natural! This aversion is hard wired into our systems the same as an aversion to say, spoiled milk or wearing a bikini in 20-degree weather. It’s to protect us!

Insects carry some of the nastiest diseases and infections we can get, and our instinct to brush a spider away or slap a mosquito is a survival technique.  However, when this seemingly rational fear begins to manifest itself as a crippling, angst riddling, phobia, leaving you physically ill and completely catatonic at the site of a common housefly, then Clinical Hypnotherapy is exactly what you need in order to conquer this fear and get your life back.

Entomophobia, or fear of one or more class of insects, is a very real condition and there is nothing to be ashamed of, but you don’t have to spend your life plagued by this fear.

At Gluck Solutions, I offer a safe, effective, and unique treatment program. With hypnosis, I will help you unlearn the acquired fear of Entomophobia, using the science of neuroplasticity and rational cognitive therapy.

With your current fear of insects, your brain is now trained to habitually act in a way that inhibits your behavior when faced with potential bug encounters; the thought of attending a picnic can even induce anxiety. Through hypnotic suggestion, I’ll re-wire your brain to instinctively confront those situations with more confidence and calmness.
Though deeply rooted in the subconscious, this is a phobia that can be easily overcome when treated in this manner.

So never miss out on the pleasures of the outdoors on a day in Spring due to fear again, and give my office a call today. (212)599-3195.

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