Can a Male Life Coach Help Women?

There’s this old stereotype that men can’t “write women” because they don’t understand what it’s like. But tell that to Shakespeare, Chekhov, Flaubert, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy! I’m pretty sure they wrote women damn well. Whenever you hear gender hustling, just plug your ears – it’s malarkey.

Are there very real differences between the genders, sure! But assuming that a male life coach can’t help a woman, and vice versa, is pure nonsense.

I’ve been coaching women in both the professional and personal arenas for the last 40 years. The only difference between men and women, in my opinion, is a chromosome. That’s it. We both need love, success, money, confidence, happiness, sex, family, etc.

The notion that women are more emotional or have more attitude, or that men are more aggressive, is true only because society demands so. Social demands are just that: demands. They don’t constitute self-actualization, which is the point of having a life coach — they are just obstacles to work around. I don’t buy the gender stereotypes and you shouldn’t either. Women or men, come to my office and get your life on track.

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