Hypnosis and Stress Relief

Stressed out womanAre you stressed? Is your calendar completely booked up with monotonous days, which are then followed by restless nights? Day in, day out, you strive to meet deadlines, play phone tag, and try to recall exactly what it is that you need to get accomplished; it’s easy to understand how one can get caught up in the NYC grind and become consumed with stress.

In the digital age, everyone demands immediate satisfaction, and the expectations for the ability to multi task, provide exact answers, and have instant results are higher then ever before.

With smartphones, it’s become practically impossible to disappear for a few hours at home and really unwind. You can even enable a “read receipt” on the iPhone, so people know exactly when you looked at their text message! There are no excuses for being “unavailable” anymore, unless you choose to go completely off the grid, which of course comes with it’s own set of consequences (because how can you check your email or enjoy a funny cat videos on youtube, when off the grid?).

In this day and age, it seems life has to offer a catch 22 of the worst kind- attempt to relax, with smartphone handy, but sit in anticipation of it blowing up with calls, texts, and emails, or live a life technology free, in a yurt or a cave in the middle of nowhere.

Being so readily available 24/7, is there really such a thing as being “off the clock” anymore? Better yet, how do you get your brain and finally to relax, once you are provided with a moment of relief? Just the anticipation of the buzzing and bleeping can keep your adrenaline pumping, leaving you on edge. It’s almost impossible to fully check your work baggage at the door, upon returning home, and forcing yourself to genuinely relax and enjoy your free time can seems like a chore in itself.

If this sounds like you then hypnosis is the perfect solution for stress relief. Using the science of neuroplasticity, hypnosis targets the core of your stress, allowing you to let go of all associated inhibitions and come to a state of complete relaxation. It essentially reprograms the thought process so that the mind is able to shut down, thus allowing the body to enter into a deep and restful state of unconsciousness, naturally. You will awake feeling like a whole new person, completely calmed and at peace.  Who needs a spa, when you could call Gluck Solutions?

So quit stressing about being stressed, and finally do something about it.
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