Is Hypnosis Supported By Science

Hello, my name is Dr. Errol Gluck. I’m an executive life coach and I’m a clinical hypnotist with thirty seven years of experience. The question that most people get confused when they think of hypnosis, they think of stage hypnosis, things that they’ve seen on TV or shows.

This is not what I do. Hypnosis now is a pure science based upon neuroplasticity, based upon the brain to actually rewire itself and form new pathways that create new thoughts and a different reaction to old experiences.

The science was established in the late 70s and at this point it’s taught at every single medical school in the west as well as the United States and Canada. It is a real science with real results.

When you take a person and you put them and they take a PT scan of their brain prior to hypnosis and after hypnosis you will see that their brain actually looks different. A lot of the negative thinking, a lot of the old beliefs, a lot of distress, the anxiety, whatever they come in for, doesn’t appear in the brain as it did prior to hypnosis. If you change your thinking, you change your life. This is a science and it works.

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