Hypnosis To Treat Shyness

A shy womanI can imagine what you’re probably thinking after reading this title…“Shyness” is just a part of someone’s personality; why would you ever want to change that?

The problem is not that some people are more timid and others are more outgoing — the problem is that shyness or introversion can often impede someone’s professional or personal development.

For example, if two people are equally qualified for a job promotion, yet one is chummy and sociable, chances are he/she will get the promotion over the shy candidate.  This is an extrovert’s world, period.

So, hypnosis is not going to make you a fundamentally different person (and anyone who says that it will is lying to you), but it will help you attain some very practicable tools to overcome the nefarious effects of shyness.

You’re not going to come into my office with one identity, and leave with another. You’ll just have a healthier form of yourself using the “good” “better” “best” model.

For more information on overcoming shyness with hypnosis contact Gluck Solutions in NYC at (212) 599-3195.

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