Clinical Hypnosis for Anger Disorders

Everyone gets angry. At times, people crave the ability to feel rage, getting enraged at defaulting to what they consider is indifference. Very often anger will drive people to take necessary actions that advance their professional and personal lives. In fact, I’ve had clients come in wanting to learn how to get angry or angrier about challenges, if only to solve them. Otherwise, they just let those matters be. Yet ignoring problems don’t always make them go away. They might even get bigger.

People who have severe anger issues are likely inflicted with an emotional disorder. They are perpetually unable to control their outbursts, putting their lives and those around them at harm.

Want to know how to control your heated temperament before your emotion controls you? Prescription medication isn’t always the answer, though I’m willing to work in conjunction with a medical doctor if necessary.

Don’t let overwhelming anger turn into domestic violence, self-destruction, or professional disasters. Through my experienced combination of hypnosis and executive life-coaching, you can learn to take charge of your rage rationally.

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