Panicking About Ebola? Scared to Death by the Flu? Try Clinical Hypnosis

In light of the growing ebola threat, and with flu season hard upon us, I’m expecting to treat disorders involving fears found in dystopian science-fiction novels. I don’t blame you! Sure: it is safer to be cautious than thoroughly careless in times of obvious crises, regardless of the media’s exaggerations. Still, the amount of anxiety can be unnerving and damaging to daily life.

If you think that the recent health scare is causing you germophobia, extreme social anxiety, frequent panic attacks or similar maladies, you should look into my NYC hypnosis services.
My success rate is consistently above 95% spanning 37 years. Based on behavioral therapy and rational cognitive coaching, Clinical Hypnosis is a comprehensive all-natural method of controlling your reactions to life threatening reports outside of your actual responsibility.

Be assured that a generally bright attitude grounded in applied knowledge and a clear perspective, both of which you will gain through Clinical Hypnosis, can only be a boost to your body. You care for yourself better without going overboard, for instance, and heal more rapidly. I’m not saying that you won’t catch the flu or show signs of ill health ever again, but the odds of disease will change greatly to your favor.

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