Clinical Hypnosis: What Conditions Can Be Treated Relatively Quickly?

Stop-watchI think the most commonly asked question I am asked by perspective clinical hypnotherapy clients is, “How many sessions will I need, in order to be fully treated?” The answer is, it honestly varies from person to person and condition to condition.

Many factors come into play when determining a session’s length or how many sessions will be needed, such as the reason and issue for treatment, the effects of the issue on your daily happenings, and your personal rate of progress. Everyone processes, communicates, and absorbs information differently, and as a professional hypnotherapist, it is my goal to make sure I am able to cater to all your individual needs, tailor making each hypnotherapy session to benefit the unique patter of neural pathways within your brain.

One thing you must know is that hypnosis is generally a short-term treatment process. Unlike psychology and psychiatry, which often take two sessions per week for an open-ended time (often years), hypnotherapy is most effective in a handful of sessions. Because the science of hypnotherapy relies on being immediately suggestive, its results are also fairly immediate, and thus is the basis of its appeal.

Different issues call for different treatment times. smoking and substance abuse, though complex in nature, are on the shorter end of the hypnotherapy treatment spectrum, in terms of time.

These behaviors are often symptoms of something larger lurking within your subconscious, and a majority of cases such as these occur due to emotional and psychological complications that have since evolved into physical dependencies. This is precisely why I choose to incorporate a degree of Rational Cognitive Coaching in every session, in addition to the hypnosis itself, in order to really uncover the root of the addiction.

Almost every negative habit and addiction is typically a symptom of other emotional complications or trauma. Once the hypnosis targets the emotional/psychological roots, the physical healing will follow naturally.

There is a direct link between one’s emotional and physical problems, and addressing both in one fell swoop makes for shorter treatment time. Treatment for smoking, drugs, and alcohol, requires roughly between one to four sessions. Again, I am speaking generally. Allow me to stress that I don’t see my clients as one monolithic group—every one has a unique relationship with their problem, and will absorb and react to this type of therapy differently.

Each session is fifty minutes. I also offer a session-and-a-half, double sessions, Skype sessions, and phone sessions. Call my office at (212) 599-3195, to make an appointment today.

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