Hypnosis for Weight Loss

body weight scaleYou’ve tried everything: Weight Watchers, exercise, diet, Atkins, and even a few eccentric methods that will go unnamed! One thing I bet you haven’t tried though is hypnosis.

Rather than talk about the details and effectiveness of hypnosis, which you can read on my weight loss page on the website available by clicking here, I want to talk about the main reason hypnosis is effective which is that it gets to the emotional root of the weight gain.

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Hypnosis Turns Fiction Into Fat Loss

In Michigan recently, a woman got hypnotized for weight-loss in a very interesting way. Her hypnotist, Dr. Rena Greenberg, convinced the middle-aged woman (who was over 200 pounds) that she had gotten gastric bypass surgery when she in fact never did.

Though the implications of effectively turning something fictional into a fact might seem shocking, it illustrates a central point for hypnosis: the subconscious doesn’t know the difference between the real and the imagined.

That is the crux of hypnosis and neuroplasticity; under that premise, positive behavioral change is affected. In this woman’s case, she lost her craving for sugar and her confidence boosted. As a direct result, a significant amount of weight was lost.

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