Hypnosis For Balancing Work And Play

Although the US remains one of the hardest working countries in the world, most of us still value the time to take our work clothes off and go to a party. In fact, that’s what workers work so hard for in the first place. Some people, however, simply forget how to let go.

Now of course, everyone to an extent will experience a little bleeding between business and pleasure. You might have a call to take now and then during cocktails, or you just might have to take an extra long lunch break to deal with an overbearing in-law. But when the separation becomes less obvious, that’s when things start getting bad. That’s when you wonder if you’re a workaholic.

The longer the imbalance is left untreated, the harder the problem is to fix – its presence becomes impossible to ignore. Hypnosis treats whatever underlying psychological or emotional problems there are behind the imbalance. Combined with life coaching, I can prescribe a plan to get your life back on track. Call my NYC hypnosis office today at 212-599-3195.

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