How Hypnosis and Neuroplasticity Work

Clinical Hypnosis is grounded in the science of neuroplasticity.  The concept is neither complex nor formulaic, but substantial and full of possibility, requiring great skill and patience to apply.

Simply for now, neuroplasticity means that the human brain can be changed by acting on the external elements of your life, such as your physical behavior and appearance, how you interact with others and control or respond to your environment.

My intention is to be your professional guide to productive, dynamic self-understanding – to help you know yourself, not merely for its own sake, but for the purpose of attaining both the confidence and the means to solve your problems.

In hypnosis, curiosity counts and won’t kill you! The more willing you are to be changed, the larger the chance that the therapy will work. Vital, too, is being communicative, making efforts to articulate your mind no matter how difficult talking can be. (Silence, of course, can suggest plenty. But why not express the suggestion you want to work with?) We could then spend less time defining and explaining the therapy, but in clarifying what you want to accomplish, determining your needs so that I can help you meet them. Although treatment usually takes 2-3 sessions, the effects are far from short-term. They influence and last your entire life, if you let them.

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