Getting Confidence in Relationships with Hypnosis

Hypnosis works for many specific issues like weight-loss and anxiety, but not many people know that hypnosis can deal with larger issues that might plague someone’s life: most notably, confidence.

As we enter the month of romance, many men and women are going to need to initiate certain steps to prove their love. Men are willing to take great steps to make Valentine’s Day a memorable day. While they might have the biggest box of chocolates or the best dinner reservation, they still won’t get their message across unless they have one crucial ingredient: confidence.

Hypnosis can work past the anxiety, bad memories and self-esteem issues that often stymie successful connection to another person. I always want to emphasize that hypnosis isn’t some magical thing that gives you confidence, but it is a neurological therapy that cures the issues that get in the way of confidence. And for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s erectile dysfunction or anxiety, I will get rid of the problems that get in the way of confidence.

So while hypnosis can’t get you confident, between you and me, I want you to call my office to get confidence. I’ve been doin’ this for 35 years. 212-599-3195.

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