Hypnosis for Emergencies

One thing is inescapable in NYC: Emergencies are always happening. If there isn’t a siren outside, there’s an alarm going off in your head. Maybe it’s the day your spouse finally left you for good. Say you’re blanking out about a professional opportunity that you have until tomorrow to seize. Brilliant and entertaining in public, perhaps you’re struck with social phobia when it comes to romantic, intimate events; and, agreeable as you are, you just signed up for one this evening!

Regardless of your overall success in life, a time might come when you will feel tested to your breaking point. When the problem is clear to see, and if you’ve been a client previously, a session (usually longer than 50 minutes) or two of Clinical Hypnosis is usually all it takes. Naturally, there might be scheduling issues for the same-day treatment that you might need. But don’t hesitate to ask right away, just in case! Give my NYC hypnosis office a call at (212) 599-3195.

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