Hypnosis for Emergencies

One thing is inescapable in NYC: Emergencies are always happening. If there isn’t a siren outside, there’s an alarm going off in your head. Maybe it’s the day your spouse finally left you for good. Say you’re blanking out about a professional opportunity that you have until tomorrow to seize. Brilliant and entertaining in public, perhaps you’re struck with social phobia when it comes to romantic, intimate events; and, agreeable as you are, you just signed up for one this evening!

Regardless of your overall success in life, a time might come when you will feel tested to your breaking point. When the problem is clear to see, and if you’ve been a client previously, a session (usually longer than 50 minutes) or two of Clinical Hypnosis is usually all it takes. Naturally, there might be scheduling issues for the same-day treatment that you might need. But don’t hesitate to ask right away, just in case! Give my NYC hypnosis office a call at (212) 599-3195.

Hypnosis for Family Problems

There’s a very specific reason why hypnosis can literally help you with family troubles. Since the prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until 25, most family problems arise during youth or childhood. This part of the brain (also known as the mammal brain) is in charge of emotions, irrational thinking, and impulsive behavior that can create a great deal of disharmony and pain during difficult times in the family.

My role is to coach and mentor you in identifying the changes you want, both in action and attitude. Once we’ve addressed the shortcomings and strengths of each family member, we can then work on building a measurable and perceivable basis for solving problems.The goal is to create a structure that promotes healthy understanding of individual differences, deep respect for support, loyalty, and responsibility.

It’s important to remember that no family is perfect. My model is always good, better, best; it’s not about you or your family being bad. It’s about your family having the potential to get better. Clinical Hypnosis is a great place to start.

Get more information about hypnotherapy in NYC with Dr. Errol Gluck by calling (212) 599-3195.