What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

In terms of describing what hypnosis feels like, I often like to compare it to guided meditation. The patient lays down on my recliner, closes his/her eyes, and is instructed to breathe deeply and consistently.

As I begin the induction in my soft and solid voice, you will begin to imagine what I’m saying. With each breath you take and each prompt I give your imagination, you will relax deeper and deeper. Your conscious mind will no longer be so prevalent, but on the other hand, you will not be falling asleep or becoming unconscious in any way.

After 20 minutes of the post-hypnotic suggestions, which are always tailored to the individual and created by me during our first session together, you will slowly come out of the trance-like state. You will not leave feeling dizzy, sleepy, or weakened in any way, but you will feel relaxed. And most importantly, you’ll notice that the problem you came to me for is gone.

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