Some Basic Reminders About Hypnosis

Long or short, length doesn’t determine the quality of hypnotherapy. On average, it takes three to five sessions for results to take form.
Remember that it’s not so much the problem itself but how you handle it that counts. We could all be facing the same dilemma. But since we’ve each been shaped by different experiences, there isn’t one hard and fast solution to satisfy everyone. The following factors are key:
  1. how motivated you are in solving the problem
  2. what kind of support you’re getting
  3. how long the problem has persisted and why

More times than not, the problem is legitimate. In fact, for over thirty-five years, I don’t think any client has come to me with a problem not worth solving. So don’t worry about validating that part of your situation.

Don’t forget that it will take a lot of strength, not necessarily time, to get over problems that have been around for longer. A thirty-year-long cycle of abuse, for example, is difficult to overcome right away. Even after getting past the obstacle, people could still feel detached from their achievement. They may want to self-destruct given the slightest trigger or interruption, because they don’t know how to function in the new and better state.
I can’t emphasize enough: A bold, positive change to your way of thinking, which you can accomplish through hypnotherapy, can change the rest of your life for the better permanently.

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