Treating Psychosomatic Symptoms via Hypnosis

A woman suffering from pain in her bodyIf you’ve got body pains that won’t go away despite medical care, the problem might not be tangible. Maybe you are physically sick. Except you haven’t been doing the exercises you should consistently.

Or you have pills that you’ve been skimping on. But ask yourself why. If your medical issues are clear, then what’s going on?

In my thirty-seven years of practice, I’ve encountered and helped many patients understand that, very often, the physical suffering stems from psychic or emotional injury.

Pressure, rejection, alienation, tragedy and major transitions can all accumulate into tense, self-destructive urges that prevent you from taking appropriate steps to health. Hypnotherapy can both identify and get rid of those obstacles to rational thinking. Exactly how depends, of course, on your individual experiences.

Persistent body aches that slow you down,  “butterflies in your stomach” at the slightest change in daily events, could be psychosomatic – unrelated to any physical illness. That is, your body’s probably expressing deep conflicts you can’t communicate willfully in any other way.

Hypnosis is a medium you can use to sort out, in a secure and goal-oriented space, the source of your trouble. Once you’re aware of that, you and I can then go on to make the changes that will heal your pain completely.
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