Can Hypnosis Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

A man with erectile dysfunctionLet’s face it: it’s a biological truth that men have a tremendous pressure to be manly. Across all cultures, including ours, the man must be virile, strong, confident and, yes, (in the hetero-identified example) able to please a woman sexually.

So it takes a tremendous amount of courage for a man suffering from erectile dysfunction to admit that he has a problem and seek help.

The very important thing to consider though is to realize that erectile dysfunction is not a sexual problem; it’s a mental problem.

Any sexologist will tell you that the brain is the most important sex organ – more than the genitalia by far.

Erectile dysfunction is usually attributed to a mental block that is triggered during moments of intimacy, and then once that block is triggered, the sufferer gets spiraled into a negative feedback loop that builds and builds until sexual activity must be stopped.

Each episode of erectile dysfunction is then stored in the sufferer’s memory, and it’s just an avalanche from there. Hypnosis releases the sufferer from that mental block that causes erectile dysfunction.

It doesn’t retroactively find stored memories that might cause the problem, but rewires the brain so that sexual activity triggers libido & excitement as opposed to fear & self-doubt.

In the event that there is tissue damage or a blood flow disorder in your penis, I will work in conjunction with a medical professional. For more information, please call my office at 212-599-3195.

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