Hypnotherapy for ADHD Symptoms

Although ADHD is an over diagnosed disorder that’s been around for longer than you think, this doesn’t mean that people who are misdiagnosed are free of symptoms.

The disorder can  be broken down into difficulties related primarily to memory, focus, patience, and discipline. It’s necessary to think about what caused these problems. Why can’t you find meaning and purpose on the matter at hand in order to stick with it all the way?

The answer often lies in faulty decision-making. The better the decisions, the less likely you are to abandon, abort them, or do them half-heartedly in turn causing more conflicts.

If you have ADHD and think you might need special attention that psychiatric therapy can’t provide, give me a call. Hypnosis can be the answer that will finally help you tie all your loose ends.

In addition to coaching you through exercises and behavioral practices that improve technical abilities, I’ll also be getting to the heart of the matter. Understanding and defining yourself as you are (this is different from self-judgment) in order to live productively is a big part of therapy.

You won’t be discrediting your emotions and desires. You’ll be appreciating those you can apply towards logical, productive courses of action – the ones you can finish for good.

To find out more about how to get hypnotherapy in NYC call Dr. Gluck’s office at (212) 599-3195.

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