Clinical Hypnosis to Overcome Internet Addiction

It’s true that the social scene in NYC remains unbeatable, growing constantly, and forever exciting. The price of participating, however, isn’t getting any cheaper. Regardless of where you stand economically, you’re bound to think twice about leaving your house once the costs of having fun are accounted for!

However, resourcefulness has its limits. So does spending quiet afternoons in the company of your own imagination. Time comes when you realize that the need to interact with others is no luxury, but a necessity – central to survival and development. What then can one do, without busting one’s bank account, but socialize on the Internet?

There’s probably no need to go on about how the need to connect can be satisfied in cyberspace. Nevertheless, and based on what every client I’ve had has told me, there will always be an element lacking that can only be found in the physical world.

Have you been futilely relying on the Internet to fulfill emotional needs that you should be taking steps outside to meet? The addiction can sap the quality of professional output and reduce social activity to texts and pictures that ultimately serve to render other people unapproachable. I have clients who’ve had to drop out of college owing to their video game addiction.

The great news is that Clinical Hypnosis in NYC with me is almost one hundred percent agreed to get you living your life where you should: in the world outside of the Internet. Let me know if you’re interested in learning exactly how the treatment works.

Here’s a podcast on GluckRadio that’s relevant

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