Stop Believing What Your Suicidal Thoughts Say About You.


When I consider the 40,000+ Americans who commit suicide every year I’m truly overwhelmed. I can’t help but to wonder what was and wasn’t said to these 40,000+ lives. I need to know why these these 40,000+ individuals couldn’t see what waited for them just beyond their despondency. I know it’s easy to judge what’s misunderstood. It’s even easier to bypass what isn’t exactly happening to you, but for those suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, past hurts, heartaches, embarrassment and anger, their feelings are very real.

In my 35 years of life coaching I have seen many clients who were, or are, suicidal. I know the look of defeat. I have seen suicidal clients attempt to disguise their symptoms. I have also seen people in total denial of the war waging within them. I’ve been told by many clients that there is an insidious guilt agitating them for not being happier, and a heavy shame for believing they deserve to be happy. I ask whether or not they were ever told that it’s okay to be sad. I tell them it’s fine if the world weighs too heavy on their hearts, it’s common to want to sleep the day away, and it’s acceptable to cry during moments where you need to be strong. There will be days or even weeks full of melancholy. It’s completely normal to have those moments, but you shouldn’t have to stay there long.

A key trigger that I’ve noticed in all suicidal individuals is hopelessness bigger than the size of Manhattan. This despair infiltrates their thinking, speaking, and all around living. In my experience, their hopelessness is a seed of rejection, failure, disappointment, or addiction that was fed by not speaking up, by not telling someone that this seed existed. Some clients have a white knuckle grip on secrets that would kill them if left unspoken. I want to tell you there is absolutely nothing you can say that will make me judge you. Trying to preserve what’s decaying is far worse than allowing it to rot. Sometimes the only way to put ourselves back together is to let ourselves fall apart. That’s when we begin to see where things really belong, and what never belonged at all.

There is power in speaking. Opening up about the things that are tormenting us keeps our demons at bay. It keeps them from spreading lies about who we are and what we’re worth. I’m familiar enough with my clients to identify when something they’re believing about themselves isn’t true. I help navigate them toward their personal truth, and wait patiently for them to see themselves as worthy of love, forgiveness, a second chance, grace, acceptance, kindness, and abundant life.

I got into this kind of work because I knew the quickest way to help people was to change how they think through Clinical Hypnosis. Today I want you to see yourself as worthy of living a complete life, because you are.


Caitlyn is Happy, That’s All That Matters.

When I was thirteen, I took my first job developing x-rays at a local hospital. It was then that I came across an x-ray of a baby that was born with both male and female sexual parts. The child’s parents were told to make a decision, evidently choosing the fate of their child’s future. Thereafter, I learned that one in every thirteen babies are born with signs of both genders.IMG_4751

Caitlyn, born Bruce Jenner, is the ultimate Olympian and champion. She was a hero then and is a greater heroine today. We are all born into bodies that belong to us – not to the world. We are all born to be uniquely different – not obliged to conform to who the world tells us to be. We are all entitled to our own form of happiness regardless of whether or not the world shares or understands it.IMG_4753

You need to be who you are.

Let me reiterate: you need to be you are really are. You will never be happy being someone else because you will never be good at being someone else as good as you could be being yourself.

I sit here genuinely happy for Caitlyn, for having overcome her fear and for having been so brave in moving forward with her life. Welcome to your new chapter in life.

I’ve come across a gamut of clients in the past 38 years of working in this field of hypnotherapy, hypnosis, and life coaching and I must say that fear has got to be one of the more extreme life debilitating issues people face. Fear of what the world thinks, fear of judgement, fear of acceptance and fear of being honest about what you want and who you want to be keep people bottled up as they slowly suffocate themselves into misery.IMG_4752Reading and witnessing Caitlyn’s entrance into this world in this day and age is a breath of fresh air. For anyone who knows there’s something more for them out there but can’t quite grasp what and who that person is, come see me and we will meet him or her together. Let me tell you, there’s more of you to be found.

Dr. Gluck