Hap·py /ˈhapē/ Adjective 1. 
Feeling Or Showing Pleasure Or Contentment.

Unhappy people are easy to recognize. They share a common lack of identity, path, and/or aspirations. I’m not talking about “the late bloomer”. We all have that neighbor with a 26-year-old son who’s been trying to “find” himself since graduating college.

Unhappy people are unhappy because they aren’t trying to find themselves. They actually believe it when their mammal brains, the brain we’re born with, tell them that they are meant and designed for unhappiness.

imagesSome people are unhappy because of a bio-chemical imbalance. Somewhere down the line, they’ve compromised themselves, or they’ve entered a structure (relationship, contractual agreement, or professional position) that has forced them to live a life that’s contrary to their inner self. These people could potentially suffer from mild, chronic, or acute unhappiness. Chronic unhappiness potentially directs its host to a life of avoidance by means of addiction while acute unhappiness forces its host into a world of depression.

But, unhappiness is not hopelessness.

Action must be taken to help pinpoint the root of unhappiness in your life. Figuring it out is half the battle. Could it be that you’re still holding on to a past hurt? Failing at the life plan someone else has made for you? or listening to the negativity of your mammal brain? Believing that you can move from where you are to where you want to be is vital. With my help, I can help identify what’s preventing you from moving forward in your rich and meaningful life.

Experience–dependent neuroplasticity, the part of our brain that learns from our experiences, forms our personality when in the beta and gamma state. This means we can also reorganize, and, as a result, change our personalities. So long as what’s being changed is philosophically and truly embraced an entire person can be turned around. The goal is not to get you to be someone else, but to get you to your very unique self.

Can a Small Business Owner Benefit from Corporate or Executive Life Coaching?

Coaching concept in sphere tag cloudRunning a successful small business is one of the hardest things in the world. Whether it’s a 5 person, fledgling law firm or a catering business run out of your kitchen, keeping small business afloat in this current competitive market comes with it’s own set of challenges.

Most small business ventures are typically the brain children of individuals already living with an innate sense of drive and passion, but can’t bare the thought of being one minor cog in a giant corporate machine. Their ambitious spirit encourages them to take risks in order to achieve the greatest reward- being your own boss.

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Difference Between Corporate and Executive Life Coaching

When you hear the term “life coach”, you may automatically assume that their purpose is to help guide you through life by providing a healthy support system regarding where you are in the current phase of your personal life. Essentially, when you are too deeply involved in a situation to assess it clearly, I help you fill in the blanks.

Well did you know that life coaching can also help your professional life?  What’s unique about Gluck Solutions is that I specialize in both Executive and Corporate Life Coaching. Though similar in many ways, there are some differences. Allow me to explain.

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Small Business Coaching Will Give You the Edge You Need

business coachingWhether it’s a five person accounting firm or a furniture restoration business out of your garage, running a small business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Most people create their own company to pursue a passion or to avoid the rigid, “cog in the machine” feel of working in a large, corporate office but without the proper coaching, it’s easy to let the headaches of small business ownership outweigh the victories.

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