Hap·py /ˈhapē/ Adjective 1. 
Feeling Or Showing Pleasure Or Contentment.

Unhappy people are easy to recognize. They share a common lack of identity, path, and/or aspirations. I’m not talking about “the late bloomer”. We all have that neighbor with a 26-year-old son who’s been trying to “find” himself since graduating college.

Unhappy people are unhappy because they aren’t trying to find themselves. They actually believe it when their mammal brains, the brain we’re born with, tell them that they are meant and designed for unhappiness.

imagesSome people are unhappy because of a bio-chemical imbalance. Somewhere down the line, they’ve compromised themselves, or they’ve entered a structure (relationship, contractual agreement, or professional position) that has forced them to live a life that’s contrary to their inner self. These people could potentially suffer from mild, chronic, or acute unhappiness. Chronic unhappiness potentially directs its host to a life of avoidance by means of addiction while acute unhappiness forces its host into a world of depression.

But, unhappiness is not hopelessness.

Action must be taken to help pinpoint the root of unhappiness in your life. Figuring it out is half the battle. Could it be that you’re still holding on to a past hurt? Failing at the life plan someone else has made for you? or listening to the negativity of your mammal brain? Believing that you can move from where you are to where you want to be is vital. With my help, I can help identify what’s preventing you from moving forward in your rich and meaningful life.

Experience–dependent neuroplasticity, the part of our brain that learns from our experiences, forms our personality when in the beta and gamma state. This means we can also reorganize, and, as a result, change our personalities. So long as what’s being changed is philosophically and truly embraced an entire person can be turned around. The goal is not to get you to be someone else, but to get you to your very unique self.

What is Gluck Radio?

GluckRadioSo what is GluckRadio? For starters, it’s a podcast, which for those of you whom don’t know, is an internet-based radio show that is playable on demand. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward (but I know you won’t fast-forward us of course). It’s not live, so my audience has no obligation to be by their radios at a certain point in time. All the episodes I’ve done so far, which by now are 17, are available for continual and repetitive listening. They’re all about 45 minutes each, and they go by quickly, so be sure to listen. But what can you expect to listen to?

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Hypnosis Helps Marketers, Discovering True Feeling About Brands

Say “hypnosis”, and most people are likely to think of Vegas shows where a volunteer from the audience jumps upstage only to be embarrassed by barking like a Great Dane.

There is more to hypnosis.  According to a recent article from Ad Age, written by Bethe Snyder Bulik on June 12, 2012, hypnosis is more than a bad stereotype.  It can be the best way to tap into real feelings about products and brands.

The mission is to find, via hypnosis, the initial thoughts that brands make on consumers and use those imprints to build marketing strategies, create new product lines, add fresh insight for agency pitches or simply reaffirm brand connections.

David Charmatz, a media consultant and former VP of MTV Network’s Nick@Nite and TV Land research noted, “When we asked for first recollections of watching TV, they not only remembered it was “Howdy Doody’ but also which episode, and the room details, the smells in the room and the clothing they were wearing.”

The process starts with a focus group contacted by phone, where about 75% of phone respondents agree to be hypnotized.  After being put under, the leader asks questions, such as, what is the participant’s first experience with a specific product category or what is their most powerful experience with a specific brand. Under hypnosis, the participants can recall exact moments and often many specific details.

Some big time agencies seem to be exploring the use of hypnosis to gather information—and in one case, the result was the prestigious David Ogilvy Award from the Advertising Research Foundation.  This was for an Audi A6 campaign created after a hypnosis focus group was created to determine luxury car owners’ first experiences with Mercedes and BMW.

It was found that both luxury cars made deep impressions on the now middle-aged drivers when they were teens. They were able to recall feeling that the cars were truly special and unique. At that time, however, Audi had little presence, and thus was at an disadvantage.

Don Gloeckler, exec VP-chief research officer at the ARF, is familiar with the idea of hypnosis. “Legitimate marketers are not trying to manipulate consumers into doing something they don’t want to do. They’re really just trying to get consumers to articulate and remember an experience they would have trouble remembering on their own.”

Skepticism about the usefulness occurs with hypnosis and marketing too, however.  Most times, the research groups were named “deep-relaxation focus groups”. Hypnosis has some advantages over traditional focus groups, such as dominant respondents taking control, inaccurate recollections, overly cautious and emotionally guarded subjects, and the very human reaction of mimicking answers to an unknown question to avoid appearing foolish or uneducated.


Dr. Errol Gluck, CMH, of Gluck Solutions, has a top clinical hypnosis practice in NYC and is a Life Coach. Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists to both practice and teach Clinical Hypnosis, Dr. Gluck creates an approach based on his 34 years of experience, his personal philosophy, and the patients themselves. Aside from helping some of the most powerful CEOs and athletes in the country, Dr. Gluck has also served as a public speaker, educator, advice columnist, and is currently the featured Hypnotist and Life Coach on “Living Better with Laura Smith” on WABC radio. He is a proud father of two daughters, and lives with his wife in Manhattan. For more information, please visit www.glucksolutions.org.

Errol Gluck Reviews and Background

For Dr. Errol Gluck reviews (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAWHwlkRtQU) and background, he introduces himself to a packed room of 100 people during a Free Seminar in White Plains, NY.  Also see John, a former patient of who talks about his success with Dr. Gluck’s weight loss program.  Dr. Errol Gluck focuses on hypnosis in NYC, is a Clinical Hypnotist and Executive Life Coach, and is ready to help change your thinking, change your life.