Hypnosis for Anti Aging

GluckRadioNow after reading this title, you need to understand something. Nothing is going to stop you from aging. It happens to even the best of us, and while hypnosis is good, it’s not that good. If you’re interested in the science of aging, listen to the GluckRadio episode I did with anti-aging gerontologist Aubrey DeGrey here! But what hypnosis can do is slow down the effects of aging.

Hypnosis is great at treating stresses and phobias, two problems that often result in symptoms we associate with aging. If your stress or anxiety at work is very high, you will most likely find yourself waking up with bags under your eyes or premature facial wrinkling. If you come to my office and work through some of these stresses with hypnosis, you will notice that these side-effects of a cluttered mind will vanish into thin air.

As a life coach, I will help you set a schedule that will lead to greater productivity as well as better quality time with family and friends. We all have a vain side to us, and we want to look good, but that goes beyond good moisturizer. You’re as young as you feel. And you get what you feel by what you’re thinking about. That’s where hypnosis comes in.

So while I can’t make you live to 1000, I can make you feel ageless and happy. Call me at (212) 599-3195 to make an appointment today!

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