Hypnosis Cures Claustrophobia

A woman with claustrophobiaBeing trapped in a small space without an exit, for everyone, is a cause to be very afraid. However, being afraid in the same space, despite the obvious exits and the fact that no one is trapping you, signals that you are probably claustrophobic. If you are hyperventilating or feeling the symptoms of a panic attack, you have to get yourself treated.

In the 37 years I’ve practiced Clinical Hypnosis, I’ve cured all my claustrophobic clients. The critical part is identifying your specific traumatic experiences in tightly enclosed spaces, which have led you to fearing every space like the one you’d been in regardless of the space’s actual boundaries and exits. We will work together to undo the fear by replacing your initial emotional reflexes with the rational, less subjective yet immediate thought processes that I know you’re capable of.
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