Clinical Hypnosis Treats Post-Divorce Suffering

One excellent way to rebuild life after divorce is through a specialized combination of Executive Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnosis. I offer both and have counseled countless clients through severe post-divorce anxieties and depression. Many were at the peak of their careers when the split occurred, shooting them down.  Perhaps you know the feeling. Once, you were capable of tackling complexity. Now, the simplest act of getting up on time feels impossible. What’s next? you ask every new day. Probably nothing.

But you can only go so far before you do get up and start screwing everything you touch. You’re overeating,  smoking again. You’re hopping into bed with the first attractive person you meet. You get fired. You catch a disease. Et cetera.

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

Together you and I can map out the steps away from the downturn. You’ll learn to remember your strengths and talents, utilize “survival skills” that aren’t so self-destructive.

Hypnosis distinguishes the treatment, allowing behavioral changes to be at once practical and permanent.  You’ll understand why you act the way you do and, in time, you’ll be able to do so without much conscious effort. The goal isn’t to attack your previous partner or to deny the relationship you had, but to acknowledge your newfound responsibility to continue living – anew, independent, and open to other lives.

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