Hypnosis for Pet Owners

You may wonder: Can I perform Clinical Hypnosis on pets? It’s an adorable question! The answer is no, although I am empathetic to what you might be going through, especially since I am myself a pet owner. Of course there are animal trainers and veterinarians available to you.  Icould refer you to a couple if necessary, during treatment.

However, my professional ability extends solely to you, the human being! Perhaps your relationship is suffering, owing to overwhelming problems in other areas of life. Or perhaps you’ve grown so attached to your pet that you’ve closed yourself to the rest of the world. There could be deep psychological and emotional issues at hand.

The goal, as always, is to be realistic without losing the rewards of bonding with the animal you love. With the combination of Clinical Hypnosis and Life Coaching that I provide, you can reach the mental stability required to take better care of and responsibility for your pet.

Remember: The connection between human and animal is a rare joy that you won’t regret keeping. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to give me a call at my office: (212) 519-3995.

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