Errol Gluck Hypnosis in NYC

With over 150,000 hours of clinical hypnosis experience, Dr. Errol Gluck well surpasses the average NYC Hypnotist who has less than 2,000 hours of experience.

The work Dr. Gluck does is underrepresented in NYC. It takes thousands of hours to become proficient in the brand of Clinical Hypnosis Dr. Gluck does. There are only a handful of hypnotists who can do what Dr. Gluck does; there is only one who does exactly what he does. Dr. Errol Gluck is the only NYC hypnotist who combines Rational Cognitive Therapy with Clinical Hypnosis. Without Rational Cognitive Therapy, one doesn’t know what words that trigger emotional and visual responses in the brain. Dr. Gluck knows what imagery is going to make his clients relaxed to a point where change is most easily instituted. Some hypnotists are specialists – some specifically treat smoking, some specifically treat anxiety. Dr. Gluck, however, has treated every single issue in the last 33 years. Not only is he a NYC hypnotist who treats everything, but he is a NYC life coach as well. Furthermore, Dr. Gluck, unlike other NYC hypnotists, specializes in short term treatment. Because of his high number of clients, Dr. Gluck has no need to draw out a client’s treatment. In only a few sessions, Dr. Gluck treats the most complex issues like depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, relationship issues, phobias, and help to quit smoking. How did Dr. Gluck get to where he was? Experience; the best way to learn. So many young hypnotists these days take a 100 hour course and think they are ready to be a hypnotist. They don’t have the three and a half decades of experience Dr. Gluck has. So much experience does Dr. Gluck have, that he is an ideal candidate for NYC hypnosis training. He trains doctors, chiropractors, and nurse practitioners to use hypnosis as a supplementary part of their practices.

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