4 Tips On How to Give Up Your Jealous and Controlling Behavior

In my 35 years of couples counseling, I’ve found that the biggest reason people experience turbulence in their relationships is because of jealousy and controlling behavior. The two are often paired because they both feed into each other in so many circumstances. It’s time for a few steps to take to relinquish your jealousy.

1 . Awareness: The first step to any improvement is awareness of your problem. Stop validating your behavior and denying your jealousy, and admit that your behavior is destructive and hurting the ones who love you most.

2. Fantasy is not reality. Your mind plays tricks on you, and it does so very well. You can’t give it too much credit when it comes to jealousy. Chances are your partner and his/her integrity are not the issue; you are! Get out of your imagination, and have an honest dialogue with your partner.

3. Look within. Often jealousy comes from a sense of insecurity. Why do you feel such a strong flame of jealousy? Seek to resolve any personal ssues of insecurity with life coaching, meditation, friends, and family.

4. Be a person worth wanting. If you treat your partner with respect, love, and honesty, you will become the type of person who is irresistible and impossible to leave or cheat on! With a fresh understanding that part and parcel with respecting your partner is not questioning his/her every move, you will not only be a person to come home to every night, but a person he/she wants to come home to every night.

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