NYC and Hypnosis

NYC and Hypnosis

I’ve always been interested in NYC and hypnosis.  

NYC is the mecca of the best Western medicine money, similar to how California is the alternative medicine capital. Lately, in the last five years or so, however, NYC is beginning to adopt hypnosis methods that have been previously shunned or ignored.

The entire country, including NYC, is now taking a closer look at nutrition, and other things such as Clinical Hypnosis (neuroplasticity and Rational Cognitive Therapy, both of which are practiced at Gluck Solutions), yoga/meditation, and even, acupuncture. It’s about time Clinical Hypnosis got its rightful place in the public consciousness.

Hypnosis in NYC is where the chiropractic field was in the 1950s.  It’s often still misaligned with mysticism and misinterpreted in movies, television, and literature.

NYC is the melting pot of the world, so why not learn from the insights of disciplines of the East and West?

Many hypnosis NYC clients who have tried medication and psychotherapy, have been spreading the word about Medical Hypnosis and the positive effects–and that it really does work for stopping smoking, weight loss, and anxiety/depression.

It has taken years for hypnosis in NYC to come into its own. There are few NYC hypnosis practitioners who have extensive experience or take the time to get rid of the myths surrounding hypnosis. But eventually, it will become the discipline that it deserves to be.  Where else for hypnosis to accelerate than in NYC?   I have full faith in the future of NYC Hypnosis, and Gluck Solutions’ place in it.


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