Dispelling Misconceptions About Hypnosis

Hypnosis Changes Your Life in Hours…Not Years

The first thing that I’d like to address is all the misconceptions about what is hypnosis. It is not stage hypnosis. It is not a show. It is not someone who’s doing something that they don’t know what they’re doing and making a fool out of themselves.

In fact, it’s based on a very hard science called neuroplasticity, which presently is taught in every university in the country, every medical university. Hypnosis changes the way your neurological structure accepts and processes information.

It takes what used to be a dominant emotional mind and allows your rational thoughts to control your life. Hypnosis changes the way you think. It changes your life, not in years but in hours, and there’s no one with more experience than I. Clinical hypnosis is a choice you should consider.

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