Mike Tyson Uses Hypnosis

Mike Tyson

Photo by Brian Birzer

Mike Tyson is really making the media rounds lately, and one article about him that really struck my fancy was how he used hypnosis before fights.

His manager hired a professional hypnotist to get him in the proper mindset to make him the champion he became.

Tyson has just added himself to a long list of elite athletes (that includes the likes of Tiger Woods) who’ve used hypnosis to improve their performance.

In the last 35 years of hypnosis treatment, I’ve helped many boxers and boxing instructors maximize their athletic potential via neuroplasticity. When I work with athletes, it’s all about emotional control. With testosterone and adrenaline pumping through every athlete, it’s important to not let those brain chemicals get in the way of your physical prowess.

While I take issues with the quote in and of itself, Mike said about his hypnosis, “Feelings have nothing to do with your life. The only thing feelings do is distract you.”

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Golf Hypnosis: Mental Conditioning to Improve Your Golf Game

golfer driving off the teeThe power of the mind is an amazing thing. The power of a golfer’s mind is an even more amazing thing. Think of the feat: you have to hit a tiny golf ball hundreds and hundreds of feet into a tiny hole in the ground you can’t even see.

Your body and skill can only take you so far in a game like that. That’s why your mind needs to be a well-oiled machine to serve your game; just in the same way your torso, arms, and legs need to be primed for the game. Unfortunately, your mind can’t lift weights or stretch. One of the greatest pieces of exercise equipment for the mind in general – and specifically, the golfer’s mind – is hypnosis.

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