World Hypnotism Day

This past Saturday was World Hypnotism Day, a day where hypnotists all over the world celebrate and encourage the effectiveness of an all-natural treatment for life’s worst problems.

I was about to call it “therapy,” but like the woman in the following article (see link below), it’s more a “technique for change.” Its key to success is that it has such little in common with other forms of therapy, that I don’t want to confuse people.

One thing to note is the fact that still so much of the struggle for us hypnotists is enlightening people to what hypnosis is not. Like the article says, it is not mind-control or other comedic depictions you’d find in movies and television. I’m not going to make you dance like a chicken. Any hypnotist worth his/her salt treats hypnosis as a sacred treatment that will surprise anyone who gives it a try.

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