It’s The End of The World (As We Know It)

With each cycle of economic and political instability comes a share of profits proclaiming that the end of the world is upon us. It would be hard to minimize the economic and political catastrophe. The world is considering the religious extremism, fiscal chaos, nuclear proliferation and lack of universal ethos. However, I’d like you to consider this: In the year 1590 the average age a man lived was approximately 30 years. Even up to the mid 1800’s life expectancy hovered around 40, which today is not far off from many African and impoverished third world nations. Even in countries with the longest life expectancies, 82 years old seems to be the average. Birth and death are a fact that none can dispute. Each person will face his or her end of the world. The acceptance of this fact can either create great peace or great stress. If you completely accept death, the fear no longer has any significance. Remember that almost all fear is surrounded by some form of shame, guilt or embarrassment; none of which exist after death. Though the true questions are: How do you want to live your very short, limited time on this planet? Do you want to be a taker or a giver? Create problems or solutions? Spread seeds of kindness or cruelty? Seek justice or self-service? Life and death are not your choices but these are. The end of the world is truly upon us all.

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