Feelings Are Not Facts

Happy New Year’s to all. I want to talk a bit about the difference between facts and feelings. In order to do that, there is another duality I need to mention first, and that is the brain/mind split. For years, modern science has defined the brain and mind as, more or less, a singular entity. Recently, however, evidence suggests that the brain and mind are two distinct things. What’s more, they affect each other in deeply profound ways. Of course, we hypnotists knew that all along!

Basically, the mind distinguishes people from one another—it is the person’s abstract fingerprint, their soul DNA—and the brain operates all bodily function. The brain deals with facts, and the mind deals with feelings (of course, this is an oversimplification, but it serves the main point). The brain is evolutionary; the mind, innate. Most of the worries, anxieties, panic attacks, and bouts of depression are feeling-based. Your worry is not a fact. Your inhibitions are not true, like your age and weight are true. This is an important distinction to make.

The power of facts, and your choice of them, can greatly enhance your ability to make yourself feel better. Use what is hurting you to your advantage. If a fact seems like it is against you, play its game and use another fact to give you the wherewithal to maintain a position of gratitude and create something you’re proud of. And, hey, look what happened: your mind is feeling better. Funny how that works. The reason we admire people who face adversity with compassion and joy is because they look at facts in a much different way. What many deem the power of positive thinking is actually a skillful interplay between the brain and mind, facts and feelings.

I look forward to forging new paths with you in 2012. Till next week.

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