Hypnotherapy Heals Chronic Physical Pain

PainWho hasn’t been hurt? Everyone goes through life getting at least a scratch. Regardless of how much you might sustain injuries, you’re still going to remember even the tiniest cuts.

Where there’s pain, there’s emotion. So if the pain is persisting, how do you cope with it? If you’re a football player, suffering blows day in and day out, what can you do? Or what if you’re a broker who’s on his feet all day? What if your chiropractor or surgeon can’t seem to get rid of the pain you’ve felt ever since that car accident?

Neurologically, the process is easy to grasp. Pain starts with nerve inflammation, triggering the brain to emit anti-pain signals that ideally take the form of endurance (numbing) or resistance. Neither is good for you if it’s lasting a long time.

If you’re in consistent pain and you don’t have an inherent ability to respond positively to pain, then you need to call my NYC Hypnosis office. You can benefit from Clinical Hypnosis, and in a few sessions, I’ll do what years of therapy can’t.

Hypnosis is grounded in the concept of neuroplasticity: With continued practice and patience, I can guide you to recondition your brain’s interpretation of pain, so that your response takes you in the right direction.

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