5 Steps for Life Coaching As Utilized by Gluck Solutions

Steps to SuccessAll Life Coaches have their own style of working with patients, but at Gluck Solutions, my method is both effective and simple. Using these 5 steps, I can and will help to improve your entire quality of life.

Step #1: Define Your Goals

Clearly identify your life goals in your own mind, and then write them down. Though seemingly trite, the ability to define your goals is easier said then done and having a concrete record of this is the first step to making your dreams become reality. Once your goals are defined, I will help you to develop a clear plan and help you begin to implement it.

Step #2: Analyze Your Current Performance

Be honest about where you really are, and only accept only the best. Settling for mediocrity will get you nowhere. Your life is continually evolving, and having a Life Coach can take you to the next level, if you are willing to embrace certain challenges and being pushed. Satisfaction, not contentment, is the state of mind we will help you to achieve.

Step #3: Achieve Optimal Focus and Dedication

Many people have the skills needed to be successful, but daily distractions can impede progress. Life is complex and unpredictable, so it’s easy to become disorganized, which can be overwhelming.

Life Coaches eliminate distractions and allow you to better visualize a clear path. As a Life Coach, it’s my job to point you in the right direction.

Step #4: Develop Effective Negotiation and Communication Skills

Negotiation and proper communication skills are not inherent. As children, you learn the fundamental mechanics for speaking, but as adults you still must learn how to use language appropriately, so it works to your advantage.

Life Coaching teaches you the art behind effective negotiation and communication. Learn how to relay messages to clients or peers that is not only heard, but understood. Also learn how to understand the communication style of the receiver, in order to accomplish what you want.

Step #5: Strengthen Your Relationships

Life Coaches show you how to create strong bonds while also maintaining your independence and personal integrity. Learn how to sustain healthy relationships with others, as well as appreciate who you are as an individual.

I am consistently motivated to help you achieve success, so allow me to help you help yourself. Give my office a call today, (212) 599-3195.

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